About Courtney

About Courtney

Hi I’m Courtney!

Here is my story and why I am on a mission to teach women to find a way of eating and exercising that gives them freedom in their lives without sacrificing the things that they enjoy.  Throughout middle school and high school I struggled with self esteem and body issues.  Most people wouldn’t have known that as I mastered the skill of suppressing my emotions and usually handled them with some form of stress eating.  After feeling like I needed a change in my junior year of high school I fell in love with exercise and although I had always been active I had never formally gone to a gym to workout.  I started taking group exercise classes even getting up at 5am before school to get a workout in.  I started to feel good and liked the way it felt to lose weight but I started to become obsessed with that feeling.  I began exercising more and started to restrict my eating.  I hid this very well and most people including my own family thought I was just making healthy changes.  I reached a point though that I didn’t feel good anymore.  I felt tired and had no energy because I was not giving my body the nutrition that it needed.  There were days I limited what I ate to a banana, and some tuna, and then some kind of low calorie dinner.  As I realized that this was not okay for me and that I was going overboard I became less concerned with what I was eating.  Even though I wasn’t restricting in the way that I had been I still obsessed constantly about my body and food.  I would often find myself going on a “diet” and then bouncing to the opposite side of the spectrum with bingeing on all my favorite foods.

Fast forward to the start of college where I dealt with the loss of my father and a whole lot of life changes all at once that I found myself eating without concern.  I didn’t go to the rec center on campus and exercise and thoroughly enjoyed all the cafeteria food that was provided.  I hid my emotions and turned to food for some sort of comfort that I was missing.  After realizing that my weight had reached an unhealthy level at 198 lbs.


I realized I had to take control of my life and I began to exercise and eat all the diet foods.  You know the lean cuisine, diet cokes, low fat/no fat foods.  Even though I began to lose weight I was not happy or in love with my body.  I lost around 50 lbs and still did not feel comfortable in my own skin.  I constantly thought about the food I was eating and tried to diet.

A few years later after finding some kind of normal for myself where I was moderately active and didn’t binge or restrict food I became pregnant with my daughter.  During my pregnancy, my best friend who I had watched struggle for the better part of 10 years with her body image and eating habits lost her life to her eating disorder.  This would forever rock my world and at this point I told myself I would always love myself as is and that I had to set the example for my baby girl so that she would learn to love her body and know that she was worth more than any number on a scale.  I fell in love with running after she was born and a passion inside of me for exercise and nutrition was reignited.  This passion for food and fitness was different this time and it became clear to me that this was my purpose in life; to share with others what I had learned so that other women never have to feel the way that I had felt and that they would know their value was more than a simple number on a scale.  I don’t always have it all figured out but I do know that I am so much more than a number on a scale.  I appreciate my body for the amazing things it is capable of.  It allowed my daughter to grow and thrive, it has run numerous races including a marathon, and it allows me to lift heavy things and become stronger



I know that I am worthy of living a life where food and exercise are not an obsession.  I know that I don’t need to be on a diet because diets will not make you happy.  Life is beautiful and is meant to be enjoyed without restriction, guilt, or shame.

We are all worth so much more than a number on a scale, a photoshopped image of “beauty”, or some BS definition of health which requires us to give up all the things that we enjoy in our lives leaving us feeling guilty and ashamed.


Some Other Things About Me!

♦ I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Beach it is my happy place and soothes my soul!

90s Music is my jam and I will most likely always sing out loud no matter who is in the car.

♦ I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen but need it to be quick and easy.

♦ I am a Texan girl through and through and although I enjoy traveling I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

Coffee, Chocolate, and Peanut Butter are necessary for Life.

♦ I decided a few months before college graduation that I was going to enter the classroom and NEVER could have imagined I would spend 10 years teaching!

Running is my first fitness love but I will probably NEVER do another marathon.  BUT a half? SURE!