4 Steps to Make Changing Your Habits Easier

Changing your habits is a game changer when trying to reach any goal.  We can do all the research and commit ourselves to a diet, buy all the food, and do all the meal prepping BUT if what we are doing isn’t something we can commit to doing almost every single day.  Then it’s not […]

Making Meal Plans Easy

When it comes to meal planning most people are either adamantly for them or absolutely against them.  Most who aren’t on the meal planning train find that it is to bothersome, time consuming, tedious, or restrictive.  I personally, HAVE to have a meal plan for the week.  I find that with a busy schedule, often […]

Strategies to Keep Stress from Derailing Your Healthy Lifestyle!

Hello! Hello! Hello!!!   It’s been a little while since I have written I know but I am here and summer break has started and I have A WHOLE LOT that I want to share with you!!     A few weeks ago on both my instagram and Facebook pages I posted a link for […]

The Abusive Relationship Diets Create for Us with Ourselves

Diet culture is everywhere these days and most of us have been subjected to it since we were children. Diet culture is sneaky it’s in advertisements, it’s passed on in seemingly harmless comments from others about our bodies, it’s perpetuated through social media and yet we don’t even realize the abusive relationship it puts us […]

Emotional Eating and the Dieter’s Mindset

Emotional Eating. Something most of us can probably relate to on some level. Whether you are a stress eater, a tired eater, or an angry eater at some point in our lives we have all eaten out of emotion rather than out of need. Emotional eating is probably the biggest struggle I have ever had […]

“Doing What’s Best for You” and Learning to Trust Ourselves

“Do What’s Best for You” Something that has been told to all of us at some point or another and is commonly thrown around in the health and fitness world. While I agree there is DEFINITELY not a one size fits all approach to a healthy lifestyle this phrase kind of gets my blood boiling. […]

Building that Booty!

Nowadays, it seems that everyone wants a bigger booty….aiming for that perfect perky peach.  Do you know what I want?  I want a STRONGER booty!!! You see early on in my running days I quickly learned that I had very weak glute muscles and that if I was going to keep running and not be […]

More than Just Cardio

From the first time I started to exercise my goal was always to burn as many calories as possible.  At the age of 16 being fit to me only meant being skinny and in order to be skinny it was all about burning calories.  I remember one summer I would go to the gym to […]

5 Tips to Simplify Healthy Eating

So much of our struggles with feeling good in our jeans and reaching our goals centers around the food we eat.  Eating healthy food can feel overwhelming and nearly impossible with all that we have going on in our lives.  We have jobs, family, friends, social engagements, and all the other things that we want […]

Why We Don’t Ever Need A Diet to Get Where We Want to Be

So many times as a personal trainer one of the number one questions that I get asked is “What kind of diet should I be on?”  People want to know should they be following a keto diet or counting macros or weight watchers.  My answer to them is usually pretty surprising, “You don’t need to […]